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Testimonials/ Lives Changed

We value our patients' experience at Dakota Chiropractor. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Michelle S.

 I suffered for 20 years with horrible headaches and neck pain. I thought it was dueto tension and stress. Over the last 2 years the pain continued to get worse. I wasn't able to fully look over my left shoulder (not safe when driving)! I was taking 1 Ibuprophen every 4-6 hours. My headaches were so painful each night I would make a very stong drink to help curb the pain. Nothing seemed to work. I then began to lose feeling in my right hand. I attributed it to my hand "falling asleep." I had an explenation for every ache and ailment I had! I was then referred to Dr. Christenson. After my first consultation and viewing my x-rays, it was clear that I had several areas in my spine that were injured and/or out of alignment. We believe this was all due to a car accident I was in 20 years ago and never received medical treatment. I was rather shocked to see my x-rays. My neck was tilted 7 degrees forward at my C7. I had developed a bone spur that was inflamed and putting pressure on a nerve that was causing the loss of feeling in my hand. I had numerous corrections that needed to be addressed with my C2, C7, mid and lower spine. My first chiropractic adjustment restored my full range of motion in my neck allowing to me look over my left shoulder for the first time in over 20 years! I couldn't believe it. During the first month of treatment, I was EXTREMELY sore. I had to ice my spine everyday. During the second month the pain subsided and I truly began to feel great. I had a rather long road to recovery and I will never be 100% but, my chronic pain is gone. I have feeling in my hand again, and i have full ranger of motion in my neck. I sleep so much better these days! I cannot thank Dr. Christenson enough for his knowledge and expertise. He truly cares about his patients and regularly follows up with them. He has taught me alot about posture and proper ways to sit with my ankles crossed ( i used to ALWAYS cross my legs). He has given me stretches to do everyday. I will continue to have maintenance adjustments once a moth to ensure we mantain proper alignment. I am so thankful I was referred to Dr. Christenson. I can now fully enjoy every day without the chronic pain and physical limitations. Abby Rowan (Abilene)

Our daughter, Elizabeth, was having trouble hearing. We would whisper things and she could not hear us at all. Even words like "ice cream" and "party" would not be heard by our 3 year old. So, we did what most parents would do. We took her to her pediatrician. There, they did a test on her ears to see if there was any fluid in her ears. The test was positive. They sent us to an ENT specialist. They did another test and found the fluid was behind her ear drum. A hearing test also verified that she could not hear well because of this fluid. The ENT have us some prescription steroids to help the fluid drain. It did not work, so they recommended a surgery to have tubes put in her ears. We were hesitant to schedule the surgery because of financial reasons and because of stories from family and friends about that surgery not working. We came to Dr. Christenson's new patient class and learned that chiropractic care could cure many different types of ailments and pains. We decided to give it a try. Within just a few weeks of adjustments, we could tell a difference in Elizabeth's hearing. Dr. Christenson would also look in her ears with an otoscope and he could see a noticeable difference. She now goes once every 2-3 months to keep well adjusted. I would encourage you to give chiropractic care a try before expensive surgeries or even traditional medicines. Cherith and Elizabeth Newman (Clyde)

Cherith N.

I remember suffering my first lower back injury when I was 14 years old, I must have slipped a disc and couldn't even walk. Eventually, a day or two later it slipped back and I never thought a second about it again--maybe a sign to come. Fast forward to 2000, now at 21 I suffered another lower back injury at the point I couldn't run and had to drag my leg for about a week's worth until the pain subsided or the disc slipped back. In 2003, I hurt my shoulder in some intramural sports and was checked for any structural damage with none found. I lived with the pain until I decided to try Chiro in 2008, within one session and an adjustment the pain I had for 5 years was almost gone. I used Chiro sparingly then to put a quick fix when I needed it. Fast forward to the present, the shoulder pain returned and I noticed when I ran, whether it 1 or 5 miles that my lower back would be very tight and numb. After suggesting to my wife maybe it is time for herself to look to Chiro, I followed her in for my own consult with Dr. Christenson. The difference with Big Country is that Dr. Christenson lays out a step-by-step strategy to maintenance the issues with each individual. In this case, I needed to readjust my spine and get it moving optimal performance down the road. Within two weeks of treatment, my running has improved immensely, so much, that I enjoy running long distances again as I did over 8 years ago. The results were staggering and the feeling of being pain-free was very comforting. I've never been one to take medications for pain as I am not a fan of pills. For me, Dr. Christenson has made my life, mechanically, very easy to live at 33 years old. There was a time about 6 months ago, I thought I was just breaking down and my body was giving up. Then I walked into Big Country and met Dr. Christenson. Thanks Doc for rejuvenating my life and letting me be a kid again! Ralph Onesko USAF (Abilene)

I have had reoccurring back issues for the last 4 to 5 years. The first incident happened when I was outside putting up Christmas lights. I bent down to pick the lights up and my back popped. I barely got myself up off the ground and into the house. When i got into the house, I went to the floor because I Was going to pass out from the pain. They had to take me by ambulance to the emergency room because I couldn't get up. It took 4 shots and 3 doses of morphine by mouth before I could even get up to walk out of the hospital. Since then, My back would go out periodically, It would be a severe pain in the middle of my back. My Right side would hurt me off and on also. I would go to the doctor and get a shot and some medicine. It would take about a week to heal and then I thought I was back to normal. The summer of July 2012 my back went out again. I went to the doctor on a Friday, got a shot and by Monday I thought everything was going to be okay. Well, it wasn't. My back locked up again at work. I was in tears because the pain was so bad. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and got another shot. I woke up during the middle of the night and I was having back spasms. Some friends of mine told me about Dr. Christenson. I had always heard horror stories about chiropractors but since so many people i knew and went to Dr. Christenson and had such good results, I was willing to try anything. I went in the next day and Dr. Christenson took an x-ray. I had a degenerative disc in my lower back. Thanks to Dr. Christenson my back is much much better. When I went into his office, I was on crutches because the pain was so bad. I was sleeping in the recliner because I couldn't lay down on the bed. Since my treatments, I am off crutches, sleeping in the bed, and my back pain is much less. I am Teaching zumba and twirling and living a normal life. It is God's blessing I was referred to Dr. Christenson. If I wouldn't have been, I would have been looking at sciatic nerve issues and possible back surgery. Plus, I wouldn't be able to teach zumba or twirling. He has also been able to help me with neck and knee pain. The best thing i ever did was go to Dr. Christenson. He has been such a great help to me. I am so appreciative and i recommend him to anyone who has any type of pain. It is so much cheaper than medical treatment. Thank you Dr. Christenson for everything that you have done for me! Misti Zeissel (Munday)

Kaylene B.

My name is Erma and I am 25 years old. I have always been a healthy person. However, a few years ago I began feeling pain on my back and shoulders. Every night I felt as if I needed a really tough massage. At times the pain was unbearable, keeping me from doing simple everyday chores, suck as washing dishes, doing laundry, typing on the computer, etc. This year, I began feeling fatigue, lack of energy, shortness of breath, and gained over 30 pounds all while maintaining a healthy diet and exercising as much as I could. My husband finally convinced me to seek a chiropractor. Shortly after just a few visits with Dr. Christenson, my pain and previous symptoms have almost completely vanished, a true MIRACLE! I am extremely grateful for the work and dedication Dr. Christenson has provided me and my family with!!!  Erma Rodriguez (Abilene)

I started seeing a chiropractor about  twelve years ago with lower back problems. A year ago I started having heart problems and I quit going to the chiropractor. All of the sudden I couldn't walk. My right leg hurt so bad I was using a walker and a cane. I read about Dr.Christenson in the paper and made an appointment. I have been seeing him for 10 weeks. I can now walk without a cane and have almost no pain. He has also healed with other problems such as my stomach. I will be seeing Dr.Christenson about once a month for a long time. I don't want to get back to like I was. I like to walk.  Sue Haynie

Darlyn-Ray and Wesley L

I was referred to Dr. Christenson's office by my grandmother after injuring my lower back. I hadn't ever explored chiropractic care before, so it was certainly unfamiliar territory! Dr.Christenson was extremely professional and thorough, yet also friendly and kind. The information and process made me feel very comfortable with the plan he put together. I'm happy to say I've seen GREAT improvements through my treatment so far. Not only does my lower back feel loads better but he's treated my neck and it's improved drastically as well.

As a man of faith and a very professional and kind individual I'd recommend his services to anyone! It's been a wonderful process for me and most of my family! Shay Senter (Abilene)

I began having lower back pain about 5 months ago. The pain was severe enough that I decided to go to a doctor. I've always believed if you allow the body to heal itself then it will. When I met Dr. Christenson, I felt he had similar views on how the body works and "medication" wasn't the right treatment for the problem. After about a month of treatment, I began to see a difference in the amount of pain I was feeling. After two months of treatment, I realized changes were happening to my body. The lower back pain was minimal and the stiffness began going away. Three months into treatment, I felt like I did the first time I wore contacts. My body felt rejuvenated and my energy levels increased, as well as my outlook on life. I believe in Chiropractic treatment and the practices of Dr.Christenson and his staff.  Brad Zonker (Abilene)

Devon B.

I'm 31 years old and currently serving in the US Air Force for the past 10 years. I've been a mechanic for all those years which has taken a toll on my body. Ive been hurting for the past sis years and it's steadily been getting worse. I have three bulged discs in my back which give me pain in my mid to lower back.  The pain makes it a struggle to work day to day not to mention doing the activity I love the most which is running. I've been in and out of physical therapy and I've had cortisone shots in my back which have only masked the pain for a short while.

Recently in November of 2011 I went to sit down before some early Christmas shopping when the worst headache I've ever had hit me. It went on for nine hours before my wife drove me to the ER. While there they gave me two doses of morphine, tremadol, and benadryl. After that failed to work they did a spinal tap which made it worse. So, after that I was sent to a neurologist who gave me 6 different pills to take, which only left me dizzy and nauseated which I had been dealing with already after the migraine. I dealt with this for four months unable to do my normal duties at work unable to run and unable to do simple tasks like bending over to tie my own shoes. I decided I've had enough and was told by a friend to give chiropractic a try and that Dr.Christenson had helped them out. After just 3 or 4 visits the dizziness was subsiding and my headaches were no longer not to mention he was also able to help my body heal from the bulged discs in my back. Today I feel better than I've felt in 6 years and I'm running with minimal pain. I'm even taking vitamins and eating healthier from the advice that Dr.Christenson has given me If he can do this for me, I'm certain he can help anyone if they would just give chiropractic a try. Thank you Dr.Christenson and staff of Big Country Chiropractic for helping me. God bless!  Eddie Blackert (Abilene)

What can I say... When Icame to Big Country Chiropractic, I was in much pain caused by age and a fall on my back. I was greeted by the friendly staff and a concerned chiropractor. After a checkup of my problems, Dr.Christenson told me that if he could help me by his treatments he would be honest and let me know, if he couldn't he would also let me know. They (the staff) have all been very encouraging to me. During my treatments, I have been improving weekly, I can walk without stooping over, the excruciating pain in my mid back and right hip has become much, much better. I wish everyone could receive his treatment and live a much more blessed life.   Thank you, Dr.Christenson for being concerned with your patients health.   Roberta Walton (Knox City)

January 21st I broke my L5 playing basketball. For 2 months I searched trying to find the right doctor but never found one. As i continued in pain, I talked to my personal trainer, Brandon Osborne. He recommended Dr.Christenson. My first appointment with him, he told me I had serious damage done, as I continued going to Dr.Christenson my back had no more pain. I was finally able to sleep at night. Dr.Christenson is THE nicest doctor i have ever had. He worked with my schedule and has now HEALED me completely. With his work that he has done, I recommend him to everyone. I am Chelsey M, 15 years old, and I no longer have a broken back. Thanking the amazing Lord and Dr.Christenson!                 Chelsey M. (Abilene)

My trouble started in my late teens which was about 10 years ago. I had lower back pain that was progressing as the years passed, which caused me to have lots of trouble sleeping. Then of course it started being even painful to walk or move certain ways. I knew that I should be seen for it but I would never go to be seen until I could barely tolerate it anymore.  I was referred by my pastor to another place and by accident got them confused with Big Country Chiropractic. Once Dr.Christenson adjusted my back I started feeling immediate change, there was just no way that I was leaving. I am still currently going through my treatment but am already 80 better. Now I feel so much better, hardly any pain, Sleep better, and just overall am better.  Mayra Saucedo (Abilene)

I began feeling pain and stiffness in my lower back and legs. I began martial arts training some years ago as a teenager, but I still consider myself young at 55.  The pain in my back and legs became unbearable. I tried therapy, shots, and pain killers. In Sept 2011 I began to see Dr. Christenson, and by the middle of October I was off pain killers completely. If you ask me about chiropractic my answer is YES! Wes Bales (Abilene)

For almost a decade, I have lived in constant neck, shoulder,back, arm, and leg pain. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on appointments, MRIs, nerve pain medications, injections, arthritis and gout medications, pain pills, and numerous other medications that I can't remember. When the pain got so bad that I could hardly stand it anymore and the pain pills no longer stopped the pain, my doctors recommended that  "I go under the knife" . I knew that was the last thing that I wanted was to have back or neck surgeries. My mother had five or six back suregeries, and two of my brothers had over ten surgeries combined. All of which I would call a complete failure. After discovering Dr. Matthew Christenson and his staff at Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic, following their instructions and traveling to Abilene for six weeks for their adjustments, I can truthfully say that my pain medications have been reduced by 70-80%. I feel like I have been given my life back. Thanks so much to Dr. Matthew Christenson and his staff at Big Country Clinic of Chiropractic. Jerry Wilde (Munday)

I came to Dr. Christenson in my third trimester of a twin pregnancy. One of my babies was breech and my doctor told me unless my baby turned I would be having a c-section. Dr. Christenson performed the Webster Technique on me for the next 21/2 weeks, and at my next ultrasound appointment the doctor told me the baby had turned head down! My husband and I are overjoyed at the prospect of avoiding a c-section and being able to deliver these babies naturally. We feel blessed to have found Dr. Christenson and believe through prayer and his expertise and knowledge we will be able to have the kind of labor and delivery our hearts desire.We are thankful the Lord used Dr. Christenson this way.     Thankful,         Lacey Casey (Abilene)

I mainly began seeing Dr. Christenson for migraines. I began having them 17 years ago and just dealt with them  the best I could. I was told I could go on anti-depressants or treat them with OTC medication. Six years ago I saw another chiropractor who really helped my headaches to become almost non-existent, but we moved away and the headaches began to return. Since I began treatment with Dr. Christenson at the end of January 2012, I have greatly reduced the amount of pain I experience in my head, neck, etc. I now have gone about a month or more without a migraine and the headaches I do get are mild. I'm seeing my energy and clarity of mind returning as well. I praise the Lord for leading me here and healing me through the help of Dr. Christenson.  Kelsey Bardwell  (Abilene)

I have to admit that I was apprehensive being pregnant and extra precautionary with my unborn child. So, when I went to meet with Dr. Christenson for an appointment I was not sure what to expect. During the meeting I became even more aware of the benefits that chiropractic care  could provide for me and my unborn child. I decided to go ahead and start a weekly regimen which would include Dr. Christenson realigning my pelvic area and back. By him realigning my pelvic area he turned my breech baby in just a few sessions saving $10,000 in a C-Section and making my baby ready to be born. I was not a true believer until he worked on me and I felt the immediate benefits; the ability to sleep and relax, going about day-to-day activities, overall mobility and comfort. Tiffany Waddell (Anson)

For the past three years I have been suffering from insidious digestive issues that have baffled every medical physician I've seen. I tried everything from food allergy testing, holistic practitioners, to nuclear testing. Each specialist ran the gauntlet of tests over and over to tell me they still have no idea what is causing my symptoms. It seems that often times when no cause is apparent it feels only viable to begin treating the symptoms. My symptoms felt unlivable. Often, my stomach would hurt so badly I wasn't able to eat for days on end. I was losing weight and could hardly function.  Stomach spasms and severe bloating had me doubled over in pain much of the day. I was diagnosed with Functional Dyspepsia, Colonic Dysmotility, IBS, Acid Reflux, and a low functioning gallbladder. I was told by GI doctors that my condition could be managed with medication and that my symptoms were something I was going to live with throughout my life. I could not accept that. I never thought at 27 years old that I would experience such a loss of my health and quality of life. I felt frustrated when the prescribed nerve deadeners and medications brought me no relief. After numerous doctors and tests I felt that I was losing hope. I came to Dr. Christenson after my husband suggested we look for a chiropractor who specifically treated people suffering from GI issues. Big Country Chiropractic was one of the first websites that my Google search brought up, and I was astounded by the testimonial of a mother who's daughter had received relief from her mysterious stomach issues. So far, I have been under Dr. Christenson's care for seven weeks. In my experience, his manner and approach to health care is radically different; he is a sincere and conscientious doctor. His practice treats the body as a whole and assists the body to begin healing itself. He took my condition very seriously and was able to pinpoint causes for the symptoms I was experiencing. He is the FIRST doctor to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan not for just my symptoms management, but for actual recovery. I was shocked when I began to see results by just the second adjustment. But it was when Dr. Christenson added supplements to my treatment that I began to see dramatic improvement, and I am finally experiencing the relief I need. I have been absolutely floored by the positive results! I am able to eat again without pain, the excruciating bloating is diminished, and for the first time in years, I am back to a normal, healthy weight. My buoyant personality is returning and I more myself again. I believe that the root of my suffering is finally being addressed and consequently my symptoms are disappearing. The healing I have experienced under Dr. Christenson's care is nothing short of a miracle.  Tia Sanders (Abilene)

Hello, my name is Kris Wylie, and this is my testimony on Big Country Chiropractic.  It's pretty sad when your big sister has to call from Minnesota to make an appointment for you because you're too stubborn to take that first step, and like too many people, my first steps into Big Country Chiropractic were in pain.  Eleven years after two C-Sections, and thirteen years into my Enlisted Career with the United States Air Force, as an Aircraft Structural Craftsman (like Rosie the Riveter),  my lower spine subluxation began to severely affect the function of my legs.  I never thought about how physically demanding aircraft maintenance was until I started having surgeries, and work began to be more painful than fun.  I remember being told by a surgeon that the disc degeneration between my L5 and S1 vertebra would eventually lead to surgery.  When he explained to me how the surgery would work, and showed me a plastic model of what it would look like, I was appalled.  How could anyone see screws and bits of metal as being a long term resolution?  (I guess anyone in severe pain??).  I told him, "I wouldn't put that repair on an aircraft; and left.  Fortunately, with the encouragement of my sister, and the skill of Dr. Christenson with Big Country Chiropractic, I was introduced to a more holistic approach, and I can honestly say that over the past two months of my treatment I have been able to function without pain.  NO narcotics, NO steroids, NO surgery.  My range of motion has increased, my headaches have gone away, and triggers from PTSD due to pain have subsided, allowing me to sleep at night.  I most appreciate coming to the realization that the maintenance of my central nervous system is key to living a healthy, mobile life. Continual maintenance is what keeps any system running in good condition, and to me, that's just plain common sense.  Could you imagine what would happen if we didn't maintain our aircrafts?  It makes me shudder just thinking about it.  Don't wait in pain like I did.  Thank you Big Country Chiropractic for maintaining this maintainer.   Kris Wylie, USAF (Abilene, TX)

When I first came to Dr. Christenson's office, I was having severe lower back pain and burning sensations in my middle back. After a thorough exam and x-rays Dr. Christenson gave me a plan of treatment. Two weeks later the pain in my lower back was gone and the burning numb sensation in my middle back was much better. I have continued to sleep better and get better as the treatment has continued. I no longer have any back pain and I am starting exercises to increase my strength and mobility. I recommend Dr. Christenson to anyone with back pain. Paul Draper (Abilene)

I was struggling with my balance. I would fall without warning. I had neuropathy in my feet and legs. Many nights they would burn and I would sit in my chair the rest of the night. I was referred to a neurologist for tests. He said he found nothing conclusive! He prescribed Galapenton 3 times a day. This made my mouth so dry I was miserable. I had seen a pain doctor for steriod  shots in my lower back. This was a temporary relief. I could not shop or do my house work without pain. After seeing Dr. Christenson for about 2 months I can sleep all night, my neuropathy is almost gone. I can shop, and I am doing more and more of my housework. I have not fallen lately! My family and friends are amazed at the difference  in me. Thank you Dr. Christenson!  Jesydean Tabb (Hamlin)

Two months ago I fell flat on my stomach, I thought I had broken my ribs. My body began to hurt, my neck hurt, my left arm hurt and my lower back was hurting. Three days later I went to see my family doctor. I was then receiving 2 pain shots a week plus taking pain pills daily. I received this treatment for about one month and it was not helping me in any way. I could not sleep well because of the pain I felt. One day I saw Dr. Matthew's ad in the newspaper, I made an appointment and have been seeing him Dr. Christenson for two months. I sleep now with no pain and have not had a pain shot for two months. I thank God for putting Dr. Matthew in my path because I feel so much better now. I take daily walks now. I am 67 years old and feel good about my health physically and mentally.   Rogelia Ruiz (Abilene)

Before I brought my eight year old daughter here she had been having severe stomach pains that we could not get to go away. Her pediatrician gave her medicine for constipation, but that only helped for a couple of hours and then the pain returned. Then he referred us to a stomach specialist who did a few tests and gave her more medicine that was dosed for an adult (samples). That medicine made her more sick. The next thing that the doctor wanted to do was put a tube down her throat to look for something (if the meds didn't work). He did not get concerned about her and was not very pleasant. I had previously been going to see Dr. Christenson and was telling him about my daughter. He told me to bring her in and he would check her out, so I did. After her first adjustment her stomach pain was gone! She is no longer on ANY medication for this problem. She is doing great and is no longer crying and hurting from this problem. We are very thankful to God and Dr. Christenson for helping her with this problem. Lori Settlemyre (Merkel)

A referral from a friend is the best gift you can receive.  In my case, I was referred to Dr. Matthew Christenson in March of 2011.  In the previous year, I spent thousands of dollars on pain management, an Epidural Corticosteroid injection, a misdiagnosis of possible MS from a neurologist, and lastly physical therapy.  After consulting with Dr. Christenson, I began prescribed treatment.  After two weeks of treatment, the quality of my life had already made a significant change.  I knew at that point the commitment I made was a very positive and life-changing event.   Dr. Christenson made it clear we have a lot of work to do.  I was diagnosed with Lumbar Scoliosis, reversed cervical curve, multiple spinal subluxations, and pelvic misalignment (to name a few!).  As I enter the last few weeks of my treatment, I am able to walk 18 holes of golf with my son, I have no more tingling or numbness in my face, arms, and legs, and I can enjoy my hobbies of cooking, gardening, and playing the piano.  To also confirm the treatment I am receiving, my Bone Density results validated the fact my spine has greatly improved since my last test in 2009.  Another aspect I love about Dr. Christenson is his holistic approach to healthcare.  The suggestions he has offered to help improve or restore my quality of life have been greatly appreciated.  His Breakfast Smoothie is something you can't turn down!!  Beginning my day with his Smoothie and vitamins he has suggested, has totally given me the energy to approach each day in a healthier way.  Thank you Dr. Christenson!  And thank you to his lovely assistant, and wife, Jessica!   Sally Neff (Colorado City)

I have been Putting up with low back pain for a long time. No doctor ever suggested what might be wrong. After I went to Big Country Chriopractic I found out that my spine is out of line. After several treatments I no longer have any back pain. I am certainly satisfied with my progress.   Joyce (Abilene)

My body feels much stronger. Before I was unable to rope, which is the love of my life. Now I am able because of my new found upper body strength. It is so cool to be able to ride again and have it not hurt. God blessed me with the ability to ride and now I can without pain. My favorite thing is how Dr. Chrisenson has helped my daughter. Her progress has been amazing.  Jeane Bolin (Colorado City)

I came to Dr. Christenson because of a fall I had at work and infused my right shoulder. I've never been to a chiropractor in my life and really didn't know what to expect. Once he read my xray he asked me what other kind of alignments I had been experiencing. Being a diabetic I had pain in my feet from my knees to the tips of my toes. My spine alignment was all out of wack. I can honestly say that my treatments have allowed my mobility in my neck, shoulder, hips, knees, and feet. I don't walk with pain in my feet. I don't wake up in the morning with an aching back which used to take 15 min. to loosen up in the morning. I am so thankful to Matthew and his lovely wife Jessica for their genuine interest in helping with ones health for the better. They have been blessed and I'm positive by the grace of the good lord they will continue in helping others as they have helped my wife and I.  Andy Esparza (Abilene)

I came here after suffering with back and neck issues after thirty years of manicuring and looking down. Dr. Matt assured me through X-rays that indeed there was something physically wrong. After six weeks of care, I have more stamina at work, feel better, and my clients have also noticed that I am in less pain.  They will have to kick my out of here. Thank you.  Rhonda Crain (Tuscola)

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "In 2008 I had double knee replacement and in 2012 another replacement on my left knee, doctors thinking it was the material in the replacement causing inflammation that was resulting in so much pain. That didn’t work and my pain was getting worse. I was on a lot of pain meds and after 10 years of taking them they were not working very well.

    I tried everything out there that might help even going to Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and I was giving up. I read Dr. Christenson’s ad that popped up on my iPad. It was something I’d never tried so decided to try one more time.

    It didn’t work immediately but Dr. Christenson encouraged me to keep going. About a month into the procedure it started working and every week I got better and better. I can walk longer distances and climbing steps and even kneeling with very little pain.

    Thank you Dr. Christenson for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. You had changed my quality of life. You have a wonderful friendly staff."
    Marilyn Korinek. Fargo, ND

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