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Chronic Pain

Your Chiropractor in Fargo, ND Can Help Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have a dramatic impact on your daily life, restricting your ability to perform well at work and to enjoy your leisure time. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from chronic pain in the United States, and they struggle to find effective methods of managing their pain, so they can continue to work, interact with their families and participate in social life. Conventional medicine offers a number of options for treatment, but these often do not fully manage pain or has unpleasant side effects that interfere with normal life. For individuals who prefer to avoid the effects of drugs and the long recovery times after surgery.  Your chiropractor in Fargo, ND offers another option for chronic pain.

chronic pain

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain Addresses the Causes

Low back pain is one of the most common causes of chronic pain, affecting millions of people at some time in their lives. Osteoarthritis is another common source of chronic pain when the wear and tear on joints of the body cause chronic inflammation, pain, swelling and problems with mobility. Chronic pain can also result from trauma to the body, such as in a car accident. A migraine headache is another common problem. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain throughout the body. Cancer also can cause chronic pain. Neuropathy, or nerve pain, occurs when nerves become inflamed. In some cases, individuals may experience chronic pain after surgery, as this can have a major impact on the ability to recover. Chiropractic care for chronic pain addresses the source of the problem and offers effective relief.

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Chiropractic offers another option for chronic pain from spinal problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain and other issues. Manual adjustment can help to relieve pressure on nerves to allow the better function of muscles and joints. Massage helps to increase circulation to affected areas, to facilitate healing of tissues. Corrective exercise can strengthen supporting muscles to reduce pain and improve function. Lifestyle advice can help individuals to find better ways to set up their work and home environments to reduce the strain that causes re-injury. Finally, nutritional counseling can be part of chiropractic care for chronic pain, offering improved general health to promote better overall physical function.

Make Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic Your Chiropractor in Fargo, ND

Dr. Matthew Christenson and the friendly staff at Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic are dedicated to providing superior chiropractic care for their patients in Fargo, ND, and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services, including spinal manipulation, Gonstead technique, corrective exercise, massage therapy, lifestyle advice, ergonomic recommendations and nutritional counseling. We are experienced in treating many different conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, headache, auto accident injuries, work injuries, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. We believe chiropractic care can help to manage specific physical problems, as well as improve general health. Contact Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic today at 701-566-7361 to make them your chiropractor in Fargo, ND, so you can learn how chiropractic care can help manage your chronic pain.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "In 2008 I had double knee replacement and in 2012 another replacement on my left knee, doctors thinking it was the material in the replacement causing inflammation that was resulting in so much pain. That didn’t work and my pain was getting worse. I was on a lot of pain meds and after 10 years of taking them they were not working very well.

    I tried everything out there that might help even going to Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and I was giving up. I read Dr. Christenson’s ad that popped up on my iPad. It was something I’d never tried so decided to try one more time.

    It didn’t work immediately but Dr. Christenson encouraged me to keep going. About a month into the procedure it started working and every week I got better and better. I can walk longer distances and climbing steps and even kneeling with very little pain.

    Thank you Dr. Christenson for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. You had changed my quality of life. You have a wonderful friendly staff."
    Marilyn Korinek. Fargo, ND

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