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Meet The Doctor

Whatever your health concern is, be rest assured that your Fargo, ND chiropractor Dr. Matthew Christenson is more than qualified to help you find the answers you seek.


  • 4 Years - Pre-Chiropractic Major (North Dakota State University)
  • 4 Years - Northwestern Health Sciences University - Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelors of Science in Human Biology
  • Extensive Postgraduate Training on various topics           


  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners   
  • State Board Examination - ND & TX
  • Licensed in ND and TX (Since 2010)

Memberships & Associations:

  • Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • Advanced Management & Consulting
  • International Chiropractors Association
  • American Chiropractors Association
  • Texas Chiropractors Association
  • Christian Chiropractors Association
  • F/M/WF Chamber of Commerce


  • Successfully owned/operated one of the biggest chiropractic practices in West Texas (2010-2016)
  • AMC HONORS: Bronze, 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star, Platinum, Double Platinum, Top of the World (The Most Prestigious Award in the Company) and Eagle award(s) winner
  • AMC Right Start Coach
  • Voted BEST CHIROPRACTOR in Abilene, TX by Abilene Reporter News in 2013
  • Voted one of Abilene's Top 20 Under 40 (business leaders) by Abilene Reporter News in 2014
  • Elected by 85 classmates as commencement speaker at Graduation
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Accomplished speaker on various health topics
  • Gonstead Club President


  • Happily married to college sweetheart; with one daughter and one son
  • Interests Include: Serving the Lord, family/friends, hunting, classic cars and reading

"I am a Chiropractor because frankly it helped me at a time in my life when NOTHING else could.  At age 17 I was diagnosed with a crippling disease; Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I went through many medications at age 17 (Methotrexate, Hydrocodone, High Dosage Prednisone, Vioxx, Celebrex, Tylenol w/Codeine, Hydrocodone, Remicade, Humira........).  It was widespread and so severe that I was incapacitated (10+/10 pain) and was told i'd likely be completely disabled within a few years...  Here I was about ready to graduate high school and every dream I ever had was gone....

Over time I found my health back through balancing my nervous system (which controls EVERY system in your body including your immune response) through chiropractic adjustments and diet changes. I am now pain free, medication free and have never looked back...

I understand what it feels like to hurt, to be on multiple medications, to avoid the things that you love because of pain....

The reality is that we are not designed to suffer but are created to prosper in this life.  We only have one life and the goal is to live it at 100%! 

My goal and mission rather is to help every single patient live the life that they DESERVE through natural and powerful Chiropractic care. 

If you are sick of being told it's in your head, sick of suffering, have seen multiple docs and are still without answers or relief.....then you have nothing to lose like I once did.  Our average patient has been to typically 3 different doctors before coming to us.  These are the people that I love to serve and help!"

Yours in Health,

Dr. Matthew Christenson

Introducing Dr. Jake Parsons

Dr. Jake Parsons

-Doctorate of Chiropractic

-Bachelor of Science in Human Biology

-Associate of Science in Medical Biology



Dr. Jake was born and raised in Fargo, ND. He attended Chiropractic College in Bloomington, MN. As a son of North Dakota, Dr. Parsons spent a lot of time travelling and exploring the state. Eventually, those travels took Dr. Jake abroad where he worked as a chiropractor in Singapore and Sri Lanka. Dr. Jake met his wife, Sarah, in Singapore and they have 2 children, Peter and Jude. After successfully managing a busy chiropractic clinic in Singapore for several years, focusing on non-surgical spinal decompression and peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Parsons and Sarah brought their brood back home so they could raise their children closer to family.

Dr. Parsons is proud to have come home to find welcome in such a reputable and warm clinic as Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic. Dakota Clinic’s philosophy of Hope, Healing and Health coincides perfectly with Dr. Jake’s reasons for becoming a healer of chiropractic.

“I believe that the human body is remarkable and capable of amazing things. I look forward to using my training and skills to help bring lasting health to all who seek it. I am happy when you are happy”

Dr. Parsons holds distinction with his work in non-surgical spinal decompression, peripheral neuropathy, sports injury/physicals, soft tissue mobilization, adjunct therapies, treatment to; elderly, children ages 0-18 and managing care throughout pregnancy.

In his free time Dr. Jake and his wife love to travel around this big beautiful world making memories to last a lifetime. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "In 2008 I had double knee replacement and in 2012 another replacement on my left knee, doctors thinking it was the material in the replacement causing inflammation that was resulting in so much pain. That didn’t work and my pain was getting worse. I was on a lot of pain meds and after 10 years of taking them they were not working very well.

    I tried everything out there that might help even going to Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and I was giving up. I read Dr. Christenson’s ad that popped up on my iPad. It was something I’d never tried so decided to try one more time.

    It didn’t work immediately but Dr. Christenson encouraged me to keep going. About a month into the procedure it started working and every week I got better and better. I can walk longer distances and climbing steps and even kneeling with very little pain.

    Thank you Dr. Christenson for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. You had changed my quality of life. You have a wonderful friendly staff."
    Marilyn Korinek. Fargo, ND

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