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Written Testimonials

We value our patients' experience at Dakota Chiropractor. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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My name is Peggy and I am 66 years old. In 2015 I started having severe left shoulder pain. I saw several doctors and they recommended Cortisone shots or shoulder replacement surgery. After having 4 injections in the next 2 years without results, I decided I would have to live with the pain. Mayo clinic would not do the surgery until I turned 70 years old. I had lost use of my arms and was taking 8 ibuprofen a day for pain. Dressing was becoming difficult and getting out of the tub was becoming harder. I couldn’t carry my purse or groceries with my left hand. Daily living skills were becoming more difficult. One Sunday after church on my Facebook I saw Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic. I felt Lord was sending me to them for help. I called the next day for an appointment. I met with Dr. Christenson and felt a glimpse of hope. I discovered I has developed frozen shoulder. I started my first time July 24th. I started seeing Dr. Christenson immediately. After a 5 minute treatment I could raise my arm, and the pain was less severe. I was treated 2x/week for a month than once a week. He used Trigenics and I had rarely ibuprofen as pain has improved. I am getting strength back in my shoulder muscles and can now carry things and my 7 month old grandson. Dr. Christenson helped me with healing, health and hope and improvement. He showed compassion, caring, kindness, expertise in treatment and encouragement. The staff is friendly and caring. I recommended Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic and have several family members seeing them. They are also seeing improvement. I highly recommend anyone dealing with pain to see Dr. Christenson. Thank You Dr. Christenson for giving me hope, healing and my life back.  Peggy W.

I am 38 yrs old and 5 yrs ago I was told I  needed a knee replacement by 2 very qualified doctors I trusted very much. I would still trust these men, I just think they are not as open to trying new practices that Dr. Christenson is providing. I’ve played sports my entire life and was a catcher since I was 8 yrs old. I’ve had my knee scoped 3 different times, I have tried cortizone  and also the cartilage injections. Nothing worked. I was trying to put off the knee replacement for 5 years. It got to the point where I couldn’t not take the pain and aching anymore. I took a chance on Dr. Christenson and I am so glad I did. After a couple months, my knee is the  best it’s ever felt in years. I got a couple small kids that I now can do things with that I couldn’t before. The pain and aching is virtually gone. I highly recommend Dr. Christenson, he’s definitely changed my life for the better!  AJ B.

I have had a knee problem for about a year and a half. Pain was getting unbearable it was getting harder to do my work. I was no longer able to squat down at all, going up stairs was on step at a time with a lot of pain upon doing it. I have seen an orthopedic doctor and he told me my knee was shot and I needed a knee replacement. I had 2 injections of cortisone to my knee, it would help for a little while. I had seen an advertisement for Dr. Matthew Christenson’s knee program on Facebook, thought what did I have to lose. Personally I was a little skeptical about it. It has helped me very much. After the very first appointment it was better. Now after 2 ½ months I have hardly NO PAIN, still a little stiffness at times. I can go up-stairs in continuous motion, not one at a time. I can squat down now and pick up stuff off of the floor which I had to bend over to do before I started this program. The program is pretty simple and easy to follow. I would recommend it to anyone with knee pain. I did not need surgery at this time nor did I have time to have surgery. The staff at Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic are all very friendly and willing to meet my schedule.  Kim T.

I have known Matt since he was young. When I heard he was coming back here, I was very excited. I’ve been getting treatment on my neck and back for many years. Had some relief, but not like I’ve had with Matt. Nobody would touch my neck, but Matt has helped with my neck, lower back, sciatic nerve and hand. I had carpal tunnel surgery 2 years ago and was still having pain. Matt has helped with the pain and they wanted to do the other hand, I don’t even think about my left hand anymore. Even though I have lots of arthritis and degenerative discs, things have changed to the better. When I came into Matt and really didn’t know if I was going to work as a cosmetologist much longer. I am very thankful for Matt and his staff for helping me. When you find someone good and trust them you want to share with everyone. I will continue to so because Matt has helped me more than I ever dreamed. I can’t say enough about Matt for helping my son Jeff. He was in a very bad accident at work and his leg was crushed from the knee down. After 2 years nothing was healing. Jeff went to Matt, in 6 months the bones finally healed to the rods. Because of Matt!!!! I’m so thankful for Matt and his awesome staff.   Kim S.

I’m very grateful that I was referred to Dakota Chiropractic.  I was in extreme pain for over a month.  I had so much pain I even stopped using my arm all together.  After my first appointment, I walked out able to lift my arm and had some range in motion.  After each session, I’ve only gotten better.  The Dr.’s and staff are extremely professional and friendly.  I greatly appreciate all they’ve done for me.  Ann H.

  • I have arthritic knees, I stand on my feet sometimes 8 hours a day, after 4 hours of work I would begin to limp, when done with work I would still limp.
  • It kept me awake at night for a long time
  • I love to walk 2-3 miles at a time------couldn’t do this without hurting myself to do it. So I won’t walk.

I saw Dr. Christenson’s AD- Normal Docs were not the answer because I’m 55 and not a candidate for knee replacement until 60. Heard I’d have to do some shots and vitamins until then—I have to work and could not see that happening with this procedure.

Dr. Christenson has relieved my pain almost 100%. I don’t limp, I golf, I mow lawn no limping. I have natural products that work on my arthritis. I have treatments that work. I will walk 2-3 miles again. Thanks Dr. Matt.   Tom M.

Hi, I am Bonnie Christianson, I have had neuropathy for 10 years. I couldn’t walk without shoes. I struggled to do any kind of work around the house. I basically had to take Ibuprofen, Tylenol or something to just maybe even get through the day. Since then I came in and saw Dr. Christenson, and he told me that I had poor blood flow throughout my legs and he told if I didn’t do treatments I would  probably lose my feet, since then I have been able to walk more, and work more without having so much pain and without the Ibuprofen, and my sleep pattern, I was having Charlie horses every night all through the night and I wasn’t getting the rest I should have been getting, right now,  I don’t have any Charlie horses, and  Dr. Christenson’s said that the blood flow is getting better, and I have been with him for 3 months, I can do more around the house, I can do more outside. My life has changed dramatically, and I had a setback, I had fractured my fibula so I have setbacks with that to but it’s coming around. I truly am so grateful of Dr. Christenson he has gave me my life back and we are still working on it, he is going to continue, I recommend that anyone that has neuropathy do not wait too long, they will help you, he will help you , so please come see him if you have any problems with neuropathy. Thank you.  Bonnie C.

Hello, my name is Larry B., I am 66 years old, and have always considered myself a very active person. I much prefer being outdoors, than indoors. I have been diagnosed with neuropathy, and for the past 2-1/2 years I have had pain, tingling, and a pins and needles feeling in my feet and legs. I thought the pain was due to several factors cause by being an avid runner for the past 44 years, and just plain old age. The pain level was keeping me from wanting to move much so my Lazy Boy recliner became my only comfort zone. My symptoms were progressively getting worse, and I feared I may start having issues with walking, let alone running, doing yard work, gardening, and keeping up with my grandchildren, etc. My medical doctor prescribed a medication, which helped with the problem for a while, but the relief was short lived. My understanding now is that the medication was just masking my symptoms, and increased doses of the medication eventually were ineffective. My wife saw an ad from Dr. Matt’s office and pushed me to make an appointment. I am not one to ever make a doctor appointment and was about to accept that there was nothing to be done to help. My thought was, this was just the way my legs were going to feel and enjoying running was over. She insisted that I go and give it a try as we had nothing to lose. At this time, I can say, I am glad I did! Patience is required for success in the program and you will not feel relief overnight. I have not missed any of the 2x/day treatment Dr. Matt prescribed, and after 6 weeks, I definitely started noticing the first changes in how my feet and legs felt. At 8 weeks, I went for my first run, it was only a mile but it was the first time I had ran in 3 months. At 10 weeks, I ran a 5k! Since then I have been doing short runs a couple times a week, and today I ran 4 miles. My future goal is to run the Hugh Glass Dash, a 7 mile trial run in the Western SD Badlands, this August. How that will go, I am not sure, but at least I have the confidence to enter running events again! It feels great to be able to enjoy time with family and be active again. Thank you Dr. Matt and staff, I am looking forward to maintaining my current success, and possible improving further.  Larry B.

I injured my right shoulder in early November 2018. I had been working overhead putting up ceiling panels. Six hours of nailing with a power nail gun was too much for my shoulder. The last nail going in hit something and drove my shoulder and arm backwards, instant pain. I thought the pain would subside in a few days. It didn’t, so I went to my Doctor, he thought it was just tendonitis and prescribed some physical therapy. After 10 weeks, 20 + sessions, it was somewhat better. It was suggested that I go see Dr. Matt at Dakota Chiropractic. I was quite apprehensive that anything short of surgery was going to be of any help. I was encouraged by two of my daughters to give it a try. In talking with Dr. Matt and having x-rays done, it was shown that my spine was crooked, one leg was shorter and I had at some time crushed four vertebrae in my neck. Dr. Matt was very encouraging and kept me upbeat that something could be done. After several sessions I could feel an improvement, even when I managed to re-injure the shoulder several times. My shoulder is 99% better with very little pain when I forget that I am 71 not 17 and try to do more than I should. Dr. Matt and his staff have always been pleasant and easy to work with.  Sheldon G.                    5/29/2019

My life was totally miserable with this Neuropathy. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. As far as getting around I could not get around, I was wheelchair bound I could not do anything with my hands, could not walk, and was not able to for 20 some years, every time I go to pick up something I used to drop it all the time I don’t know, life was pure hell, I was about ready to give up many, many time but here I am, I am still here. One day I had seen an ad on TV for Dr. Matthew Christenson, so I gave him a call and came in, best move I ever made, 12 weeks down the road I have gained double digits in all 4 extremities, and I started Physical Therapy now, and now I have started to where I have walked: 1st time 10 steps, 2nd time was 93 feet, 3rd 180 feet and now who knows where I can go, maybe the moon, I hope! If you have any doubts come in talk Dr. Matthew he will change your mind, or call and talk to me and I will change your mind for sure in a hurry.   David B.

Approximately six years ago I began to experience a number of problems with my back, legs, and feet. In addition to lower back pain, sciatica, restless leg, and cramping, I began to experience tingling and numbness in my feet that moved slowly and progressively upward into the leg. All of this was ruining my ability to sleep. My internal medicine doctor referred me for spinal alignment issues but suspected there were other issues and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for a hip replacement. The three doctors worked in concert to correct back hip, knee and foot alignment problems. While they corrected a number of painful issues, they were unable to correct the worsening numbness, tingling, restless leg and cramping problems. When offered medications as an option by my internal medicine doctor, I refused to go that route but considered it to be a last resort only. The conditions worsened, so I could not stand and look up without losing my balance, I could not stand with my eyes closed without holding onto something, or lay in bed without painful cramping, and spasms. My left foot, ankle and leg felt “tight”. I was unable to move my toes

Then I heard a radio ad for Dr. Christenson at Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic offering hope and solutions for peripheral neuropathy. It got my attention and I immediately scheduled an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. Christenson uncovered many of the reasons for the problems I was experiencing, explained my options, and outlined a course of treatment. After twelve weeks of treatment, I was reevaluated. Thanks to Dr. Christenson’s treatments and my diligence in following his directions, I have noted significant improvements in my sleep, I no longer experience restless leg spasms and cramps, the tightness in my left foot, ankle and leg is gone, my sensory perception has improved, and I can move my toes on both feet. That is a big deal!

Dr. Christenson and his professional staff have made my life so much better. I can only imagine what continued treatment will accomplish.  Gail B.

I suffered with a lot of pain for many months (9 mons to a year) with both shoulders, my right wrist, and right knee. I wasn’t able to do much cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping was a huge chore for me. I was starting to feel helpless, even opening a vegetable cans was very hard with my wrist. I tried cortisone injections, a previous Chiropractor, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage, (using cups also). Nothing seemed to help until I was referred to Dr. Matthew Christenson. He started me on this Neck, Shoulder and Knee Pain Restoration Program. I was scheduled for a surgery on my right knee, which I CANCELLED because my knee was feeling great. I absolutely have NO PAIN and feel like a new person. I’m doing everything without any pain even golfing. Feel Great!!!!!!  Cherryl V.

When I came to Dr. Christenson I could not raise my arm over 90° without a lot of pain. Now I can raise my arm all the way up and over my head with no pain. The treatments have helped me a lot and will be able to do more without the constant pain. Dr. Christenson also helped my knees to be pain free.  Harvey N.

Hi my name is Dave Klundt. I was experiencing some knee problems in my good knee that hasn’t had 3 knee surgeries and it was affecting my ability to go up and down stairs, to officiate sports which I have done for a good majority of my life and something that I really enjoy.

I found Dr. Matt’s program on Facebook, gave him a call and started that program a little under 2 months ago. I saw some immediate improvement and it’s consistently improved where I am experiencing little or no knee pain. My good knee feels like a good knee again!

I was taking Meloxicam because of the pain in my knee, I quit doing that within 3 weeks of starting Dr. Matt’s program. I would strongly encourage anyone having knee pain to consider this program instead of looking at surgeries or knee replacements and having those “wonderful” drugs. Because it is a permanent fix without surgery or drugs. I am very happy I found this program.  David K.

My name is Jon Gossett. I have been plagued with knee pain for over 25 years. Growing up I participated in Team Sports from Basketball, Track, Football, Baseball, and Softball throughout high school and at collegiate level. I have always been active in the outdoors as well. Over the course of my hobbies and competitive sports I have had 13 surgeries – 3 on my left knee. My orthopedic surgeons assured me that I would recover and have a high quality of life once again. However, my knee has grown arthritis and limited my mobility, trouble climbing stairs and ladders, trouble getting out of bed, and my wife had to help me get off the floor when playing with our granddaughter. Also the pain at night would keep me awake and could not get comfortable – so much for the promised quality of life.

One day I saw a Facebook video for Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic and Dr. Matt. This intrigued me. I made an appointment and had a visit with Dr. Matt. I was very impressed with his honesty, character and mission to help people like myself. Made another appointment and brought my wife with. Together she and I decided this was the route we would choose to follow.

Dr. Matt and his team are Christian people whose goal it is to help those in need. His staff is top notch and treat you with dignity and respect – just like family.

Going through this process was a blessing for me. I follow the procedure which was formulated for me. The results are amazing! I am back to 90-95% of my abilities of my younger years. I can run up the stairs, go for walks with my wife and now look forward to summer activities.

For those of you who are like me, a person with lots of birthdays under my belt, or are perhaps skeptical, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with Dr. Matt. I was blessed to be led to such a wonderful team as this who have helped me change to a higher quality of life once again!!   Jon G.

Hi, I am Tammy Stanhope and I have Neuropathy. I have been suffering for 8 years now with this burning lightning bolt pain in my feet. I was progressively getting worse. When I went to my medical Dr., all I was ever heard was there is nothing we could do for you. Then this pill came then came another pill it was never ending and it was not helping. My girlfriend sent me an ad from Dr. Matt’s office. She told me to give it a try. Thank God I did. It has been 3 weeks of a 12 month program, and I am sleeping through the night, and got rid of all my pills except 1, that will be done soon. I just know Dr. Matt and his staff are the most kind, caring people, I have ever met. Instead of crying, rubbing my feet, pacing, walking all over the floor because I did not know what to do with the pain, the pain was so bad. I am enjoying a life again. If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, don’t suffer anymore go see Dr. Matt and his staff. I am so glad I did. Thank you for bringing these wonderful people into my life.  Tammy S.

Two and a half years ago I was brought to the ER with internal bleeding which caused my hemoglobin to drop to a deadly level. Upon trying to find the bleed, my lung was punctured and I ended up with pneumonia, put on breathing equipment, feeding tubes, and a trach put in, heart failure and induced into a coma for Six weeks. I defied all odds and survived! Hospitalized 3 months and nursing home for 3 months for OT and PT because I lost use of my arms and legs. I regained use of my arms/hands, writing, eating and small motor skills and l learned to walk short distance with a walker, but had lost all nerves in left foot and suffered drop feet in both requiring braces. I came home Sept 30, 2016 and have been in a wheelchair since. I’ve suffered extreme neuropathy pain on both feet requiring 7-9 pain pills daily. I can’t walk, free stand or drive and have been told I never will.

I met with Dr. Matt in October 2018 and began traction, nerve stimulation and light therapy, at home and in office. I am happy to report after 7 weeks a great reduction of pain and I only take 1-2 pail pills occasionally. I have increased balance, and less fear of falling!  I am beginning to use my walker for longer distances and duration and the wheelchair less.  The Lessening of the pain is incredible! I look forward to continuing treatment and continuing progress. I can’t wait for my 12 week review.   Vicki H.

In March of 2017 I was diagnosed with Neuropathy in the muscles of my feet.  The only options offered me were Physical Therapist custom Orthotics with a prognosis of getting worse. Looking back it was likely the Neuropathy casing numerous falls over several years.

Seeing Dr. Christenson’s ad for Neuropathy treatments was the first thing I’d seen to try to improve my symptoms.          

I am grateful to say I am seeing improving color and temperature in my feet, as well as them getting stronger. One thing in particular, my right foot (toes) isn’t dragging like it has, causing some of my falls.   Janet S.

My right knee was in severe pain for six months before I heard about Dr. Matt’s Clinic. It kept me from walking good, many bad nights of sleep, worse pain at work every day, almost to the point of quitting my job early. I started this new treatment six weeks ago and my knee feels 50-70% improved with movement and so much less pain. I recommend this treatment to anyone who has bad knees. NO drugs, NO surgery, wonderful team work. What a blessing to have found this, my daughter saw this on Facebook, and told me to give it a try, and my wife also, Thanks Girls.  Donald W.

I had back pain and headaches often. I found out about Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic on Facebook and decided to go there. The first time I went they did an X-Ray, explained what the issue was and I started the treatments. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I went about three times a week for treatment and this helped me to feel much better. After that I went down to twice a week and got another X-Ray done. After the X-Ray, he noticed that my alignment had improved drastically. I am down to one visit a week and am feeling better than ever. I would like to thank the staff and definitely recommend them to anyone that needs chiropractic help.   Sladjana G.

More than 30 years ago a severe car wreck left me with back and hip pain. Over those years intermittent pain became 10 years of chronic pain. Arthritis, multiple disc issues turned into fibromyalgia. Dr. appointments, physical therapy, injections, pills and more gave me temporary relief but pain always came back and always at a greater level. In the 2 months I have been seeing Dr. Matt my neck mobility has increased significantly, my flare recovery time has gone from weeks to days. I have decreased meds and am learning the importance of spine health. It took years to get here and my road is still a long one but I believe I was lead here in order to experience the greatest treatment path available. I am looking forward to continued improvement in the company of the most sincere, beautiful staff and caring top notch Doc!  Shannon O.

Hello fellow patient

First of all, the doctor and staff of this clinic are fantastic! I came here because I could no longer handle my terrible low back pain and headaches. My first adjustment with Doc, I immediately felt better. Call me crazy, but my hearing and small have also improved. I’ve been sleeping so much better. A lot of people suffer with depression and I can be one to say that my adjustments have improved that as well. I just feel better overall. I feel happier. If it wasn’t for Doctor Matt I don’t know what kind of shape I would be in right now, let alone the future. Dakota Clinic is the best!  Melinda M.

In 2008 I had double knee replacement and in 2012 another replacement on my left knee, doctors thinking it was the material in the replacement causing inflammation that was resulting in so much pain. That didn’t work and my pain was getting worse. I was on a lot of pain meds and after 10 years of taking them they were not working very well.

I tried everything out there that might help even going to Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and I was giving up. I read Dr. Christenson’s ad that popped up on my iPad. It was something I’d never tried so decided to try one more time.

It didn’t work immediately but Dr. Christenson encouraged me to keep going. About a month into the procedure it started working and every week I got better and better. I can walk longer distances and climbing steps and even kneeling with very little pain. 

Thank you Dr. Christenson for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. You had changed my quality of life. You have a wonderful friendly staff.  Marilyn K.

I have had upper back tension and neck pain with headaches for many years. As a way to relieve stress, I utilized massage but, after a week or two, I would live on ibuprofen until it was time for another visit. This last November after an appendectomy, I also started experiencing lower back pain along with tingling in my upper abdomen, arms, and legs.

I began seeing Dr. Matt in December of 2017 and I found out why I was hurting and uncomfortable. I have a thin disc in my lower back along with some mid-back misalignment. I also have little curvature in my neck and bone spurs. These issues probably resulted after an accidental fall landing me on my bottom and hitting my head.

After two months of treatment, I can honestly say that I feel a whole lot better. The upper back tension has improved and my headaches are gone. The tingling has mostly subsided and my lower back is better. I still have a ways to go but I have made great strides toward better health. I am very thankful that my path crossed with Doctor Matt and his staff!   Jenny M.

Reasons I’m a fan of DCC:

1. It works! Prior to DCC, I had headaches almost daily and discomfort in my mid-back and hips that made it hard to nurse my newborn and snuggle with my kiddos. Now, I rarely have headaches and have very little discomfort- which I (and the kiddos ) love!

2. The people are amazing! Dr. Matt, Kari, and Makenzie are fantastic people and their service is best in class. They truly care about you as a client and more importantly as a person.

I can’t be thankful enough for being able to more fully enjoy my life!  Ashley C.  3/11/2018

 After years of pain, missing work, disappointed family and friends because I would cancel plans with them, I was ready to give up on life at the age of 42! A loved one recommend to me to go to Dakota chiropractic.... I was skeptical that they could help me and give me my life back. I agreed to make the appointment and at the time this was my last thing I was willing to try for a while.  Calling and making the appointment was a great. The person who answered the call sounded very happy and calming. The best way to explain it was that the feeling was inviting and pleasant. I didn’t feel like I was just another person making an appointment. Staffing so positive and friendly. ✔.  1st appointment... Once again, you can tell that the person I had talked to on the phone and the entire staff was positive and cared about getting you out of the pain you’re in. When meeting Dr. Matt I found the same thing. He never promised anything. He said that he does x-ray before doing anything. He ask me to make another appointment for a day or two later to go over his findings and he would then let me know what he had found and let me know if he could help me or not. He also suggested that I bring a loved one in with me so that they could hear and understand what I was going through and so they could ask any questions that they had or help if I had missed anything that he had said. I felt he was listening to every word that came out of my mouth and was taken notes and also asking me questions.  All the experiences I had in the past was not like this one. This was like talking to a family member, someone who cared and wanted me to live not only migraine free but to also get me back to a very active life. Now I will say I was still thinking this is too good to be true. However I still owed it to not only to my loved ones but most importantly to myself to see what Dr. Matt could do for me.  Dr. Matt, in a short amount of time, had me down to 1 to 2 migraines a month instead of 2 to 3 a week. I have no tingling in my fingers or shoulders. He has given me No medication. I am back to working out and doing crafts again and most importantly has given my life back and a huge smile on my face. The staff has been amazing since day 1 and he has never made me any promises that he could not keep. He is a man of his word which is hard to find these days. I 100% recommend Dakota Clinic of Chiropractic Dr. Matt and his staff to anyone who is suffering from Migraines or anything to do with bulging disc and or disc fusions. Tina M.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "In 2008 I had double knee replacement and in 2012 another replacement on my left knee, doctors thinking it was the material in the replacement causing inflammation that was resulting in so much pain. That didn’t work and my pain was getting worse. I was on a lot of pain meds and after 10 years of taking them they were not working very well.

    I tried everything out there that might help even going to Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and I was giving up. I read Dr. Christenson’s ad that popped up on my iPad. It was something I’d never tried so decided to try one more time.

    It didn’t work immediately but Dr. Christenson encouraged me to keep going. About a month into the procedure it started working and every week I got better and better. I can walk longer distances and climbing steps and even kneeling with very little pain.

    Thank you Dr. Christenson for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. You had changed my quality of life. You have a wonderful friendly staff."
    Marilyn Korinek. Fargo, ND

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